A Glimpse of Corvallis Ski Swap in Action

Walk into the Auditorium at the Benton County Fairgrounds during the Corvallis Ski Swap
and you will be greeted by over 4,000 items!

Your initial view will be something like this sea of skis, with boots in the background.
Boarders Ė donít worry, there are plenty of snowboards hidden by the tall skis.
Turn to your right and youíll get a glimpse of hats, gloves, bindings, snowshoes...
Go through a door to the left, and clothing of various shapes, sizes and materials await.

Click image or here for larger image.
All that remains is for you to find what you are looking for!

Members of Corvallis Mountain Rescue, Santiam Pass Ski Patrol, and some vendor employees
are available to answer questions and assist you with your search for the right item.

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