Regular Entry


Tickets for regular admission (Friday, October 20th, starting at 6:00 pm) will go on sale starting Thursday, October 19th, at noon. Ticket sales will occur in person at the Benton County Fairgrounds. These tickets are $1 each.

No admission tickets are needed for Saturday admission.

Also starting on Thursday at noon, you will be able to purchase your raffle tickets. We will be raffling off various prizes through the weekend, including day passes to Hoodoo Ski Area, free passes to Escape Corvallis, and various bits of schwag we have lying around our vast corporate office complex...just kidding, we have no offices. These tickets will be $10 each, and only 250 total chances will be sold. If you're not good at math, this means you have about a 6,000,000% better chance of winning something at the Ski Swap than you do of hitting the lottery. You'd be CRAZY not to buy at least one!!




VIP Tickets 

Want early exclusive access to all the gear?

Want two raffle tickets included with your admission?

Then buy your VIP ticket when ticket sales begin on Thursday, October 19th at noon. You'll have:

  • access to the VIP reception area, where snacks and drinks are served to you by our 'tuxedoed' staff!
  • 30 minutes of early shopping with unlimited assistance and guidance from ski shop staff, as well as SPSP and CMRU members
  • two entry tickets for our raffles (see above for description)
  • peace of mind in knowing that you'll have first shot at the gear you're looking for this winter
  • all this for only $20 per ticket! (Only 50 VIP tickets available - so get 'em soon!)